5 exercises that will give you sexy, toned arms for summer!

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Who doesn’t want nice, toned arms to go along with that cute sundress? Here are 5 of my FAVORITE exercises to throw into your workout routine that will help get rid of that arm flab!

5. Kettlebell Swings – while this does work your lower body, I’ve found that it does wonders for your shoulders. Throw this in at the end of your workout, perhaps in a HIIT style circuit and you’ll really feel the burn!

4. Lateral Raises (Front, Side) – These will also help give your shoulders a nice rounded look. 3 sets of 10 should work well.

3. Skullcrushers – I call this exercise the tricep killa’ because well…you tell me how your triceps feel the next day 😉 Start with 3 sets of 10, after you finish your third set, grab a lower weight and do as many as possible. (i.e drop set)

2. Dips – Another fantastic tricep exercise. It wasn’t until I added in dips and skullcrushers that my triceps made any sort of appearance! If you can’t do regular dips, grab a bench and use that to complete this movement.

1. Hammer Curls – Probably my favorite bicep exercise. What’s the use of having nice arms without have some bicep definition to go along with it?



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