What you’ll ACTUALLY use for baby’s first year

design (6)I still remember filling out my registry last year and being overwhelmed by the list of things I’d “need”. Now my little one is almost a year old, I figured it would be a good time to come up with my OWN list of what I actually used and found extremely beneficial! I’m not going to include diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. because all of that should be understood already.

41iDBrDxRnL._SY355_If you get blessed (or should I say cursed?) with a terrible sleeper like I did, the Fisher Price Rock & Play will be your best friend. Seriously, Lucy slept in this thing for the first 5 months. We didn’t realize til about 5 weeks into our sleep deprivation that we had this unopened in our house and maybe it was time to try it out.

The next two most important things for us were swaddle blankets, and then once Lucy could roll, the Zipadeezip.75930_IMG_N-SPBLANKET_LIFE3_466X302Zipadee_Zip_Whale_PrintLucy is almost 11 months old and she STILL sleeps in her Zippy. I was a little iffy over the price when I bought it but I definitely have got my money’s worth out of this product.

Those were the products that saved our lives and what I would tell EVERYONE to get. The only other thing I’m going to recommend is the Fisher Price Step and Play Piano because once your baby is to the point where they can walk holding onto things and even walk on their own, you can take the middle seat out. Around 8 months Lucy wanted NOTHING to do with sitting in anything anymore, so I thought it was time to pack up this exersaucer. However, I realized that you can remove the seat so your little one can actually walk across the piano keys and still be able to play! k2-_121e0f91-cd7d-4544-8e2f-e7912a74c787.v2


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